Our Story

It all started with a passion for science, the wish to communicate science better, and one adventurous week in Berlin in August 2021. At the invitation of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Wissenschaft im Dialog, fifty early-career researchers gathered to learn from communication experts and think jointly about the future of science communication. And just like that ISASC was born.


The ISSCS participants

We are a diverse group of researchers and science communicators from across disciplines ranging from astrophysics to zoology, from German linguistics to Latin American studies - and all else in between! Coming from more than 25 countries across four continents, we can testify to the importance of building networks across borders and disciplines. To increase the quality of science communication and enhance cross-disciplinary thinking, we need to foster connections between researchers who are passionate about communicating their work, as well as connecting researchers with science communication experts and dialogue partners in our local communities. And that’s what ISASC is all about.

While the International Summer School Communicating Science kickstarted our activities in Berlin (take a look at our Declaration on the Future of Science Communication), we have been busy behind the scenes to create an inclusive, adventurous, and value-based community of researchers and science communicators! Take a look at our mission and aims, dive into specific activities, or join us to keep up to date on our latest news. Stay tuned!