Humanities in Science Communication

How can humanities scholars communicate their research in the humanities and social sciences? Why is it important to foster dialogue between humanities and other disciplines, especially natural sciences, and how?

One of ISASC’s goals, understanding where humanities as a discipline is situated within science communication flourished from our attempts to answer these questions while writing the ISSCS 2021 Declaration on the Future of Science Communication, at the "Communicating Science" Summer School funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and organized by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Wissenschaft im Dialog . As such, we have– thus far –two main focus points; identifying and resolving challenges in the communication of research conducted in the fields within humanities, and highlighting the similarities and differences in the ways disciplines communicate their research.

Our current projects include organizing a series of events where scholars from different backgrounds discuss their research topics in an effort to demonstrate that science communication across disciplinary borders is possible and worthwhile . We are also seeking to establish a network of science communicators working in the humanities to underline the importance of communicating epistemological approaches and to cultivate critical thinking instead of ultimate truths.

Being part of a discipline which includes the study of audiovisual and cultural objects, we also seek to broaden the tone and medium of communication of our research through the use of creative outlets such as zines, infographics, and comics. Therefore, in addition to our other projects currently in motion, we are also interested in exploring creative methods in sharing methodology and results.